sleeping baby About Mindful Mamma

Really enjoyed today and learned a lot!! Came away feeling much more confident and ready for the big day (Rebecca)

Brilliant course and tutor.. glad I did it, even without my partner there! (Ingrid)

A very informative class, taken by a very knowledgeable leader. I did not really know what to expect but found this very easy to understand in practical terms (Phil)

An excellent session which was very well run. Gave me lots to think about and ideas, as well as showing what to prepare for. Feel very reassured and confident. Many thanks. (Ian)

Just wonderful! I thought I’d get ‘ok’ with birth – but I never imagined for a second I’d actively look forward to it. Thank you for helping me to feel not just relaxed but excited!

I felt that the trainer created a positive and supportive atmosphere as soon as we entered the venue which enabled my self and other participants to enjoy the session. I felt able to ask questions and could allow myself to completely relax when we practised the mindfulness techniques (Rebecca)

Despite being induced, I was able to use the relaxation techniques and had a straightforward birth without the need for pain relief.  My husband who also attended the workshop was able to help me throughout labour and was an invaluable support. (Jacqueline)

I also wanted to say that I think the course really really helped me to have a relatively calm and relaxed labour – the relaxation really helped in the early stages and I think helped to progress things quickly – I was reading Kitty bedtime stories at 8pm and Pio arrived at 10.30pm! (Jana and Tolan)

I got to 10cm without any pain relief and found the breathing techniques were able to help me cope with the experience and keep me as calm as possible during intense contractions. Before going to your class I was terrified of labour but we both left feeling more positive and able to think about labour in a rational way.

The midwives at the Spires were fantastic, which – together with the relaxation techniques – has enabled me to have a natural water birth only 4 hours after arriving at JR! (Celine and Dante)

Well, the labour process was interesting and ended up being quite far removed from the natural birth I wanted but i felt so positive about the whole experience and that the right decisions were made at the right times. I remained in control, relaxed and calm throughout even when it became apparent the outcome was going to be different to what I had wanted and planned. We were able to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the staff at the JR and they were wonderful in complying with our wishes and ensuring all the other medical team also kept calm and didn’t rush anything. Even if things don’t go as expected it is still possible to have a positive experience and sometimes medical intervention canbe useful, necessary and carried out in a calm and controlled way! I wouldn’t have been able to keep such a positive outlook if I had not been to Mindful Mamma! (Claire and Ian)

We are all doing very well and happy together, our little baby Zofia is sleeping well at night between feeds so even not too much sleep deprived. Also, we had a very good natural birth experience – Zofia was 10 days late, and had to be monitored all time due to placental bleeding, but labour was spontaneous and very fast and I was feeling all of the time in control. I didn’t use any of the relaxation techniques I practiced in the end, other then just trying to let go as much as I could. (Kinga and Michal)

To a great extent, I attribute our successful VBAC to the things I learned from you and the Mindful Mamma course which helped us to leave behind the fear I had from my previous experience of birth and stay calm, confident and focused during my pregnancy and labour. We are very grateful to you for your help and support- your kind encouraging emails when I initially enquired about the workshop, the time you spent speaking with us on the day of the workshop and your helpful follow up email. We will be strongly recommending you and Mindful Mamma to all our pregnant friends and their partners! (Claire and Rob)

I just wanted to inform you that I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl last Thursday weighing a perfect 7lb 2oz. All natural with some gas and air in the final hour and in a birthing pool. It was just how I planned! I just wanted to thank you for opening my mind and helping me through one of the most amazing experiences of my life! (Katie)

The techniques that you shared with us without a doubt helped us achieve the natural birth that we so wanted – thank you again. (Jasmin and John)


About NCT Early Days courses

Really nice to discuss everything and anything about babies and looking after them with other mothers, and being steered to all sorts of info that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

It’s been really helpful in developing early parenting skills. A really good course that I’m really glad I took.

This course has helped me to realise I am not alone with the struggles I have. Realised there are so many books and different ways of doing things and there is no ‘right’ answer.

It does help to talk – you can just read books and work it out for yourself – but if you have the chance to articulate your ideas and listen to others it lifts your mood and you gain in confidence.

This course has helped me to feel much more confident about any issues and learn views from different people/sources so I can decide what’s best for my son.

I really liked the time we were given to discuss freely with a good amount of guidance on topic – steering us back on track. Thank you Guin – you are a great host and group leader.

I really looked forward to it each week – having a safe place to discuss worries, learn, play and get to know people.