‘They really listened to me and my birth plan wishes’

Mani’s birth story – by Nadia

A little belated with the news but our little beautiful boy was born 2/11 at 19:45. Mani weighed a massive 8.5 lbs and still growing! He’s healthy and well and took to feeding easily which is great.

Jonny and I couldn’t be happier.

The birth didn’t go exactly to plan, he was 9 days overdue and although labor started spontaneously (although we did have 2 stretch and sweeps and acupuncture) it was very long (36 hours in total).

I arrived at the Spires Thursday morning, 7cms dilated, which explains the pain I was in! We had the luxury of the pool all day and a fantastic midwife, the hypnobirthing MP3’s were on repeat and were extremely calming. I used 321 relax relax relax and in between contractions which were so intense I was very calm. The only pain relief used was this and entonox. I felt strong urges to push from about 12pm but this went on until about 6pm all the time I was getting more and more exhausted and to be honest was asking for all the drugs and cesareans which my midwife reminded me I didn’t want or need! But at 6.30pm we ended up going downstairs to Delivery Suite which I was so ready for. We learned he was in a bad position and were given the options and BRAINS without Jonny needing to ask for them. In the end he was brought out successfully using forceps.

Although it wasn’t exactly the birth I had imagined, planned for and wanted I can’t tell you how positive I think it was. The staff upstairs and downstairs were incredible. They honoured everything they could and really listened to me and my birth plan wishes. The obstetricians were amazing and I feel in extreme gratitude for their work we really are so lucky with this hospital. After everything was finished the obstetrician came up to me and said with all the will in the world I wouldn’t have managed to get him out through pushing and we did the right thing I felt so empowered and reassured what a kind thing for him to do.

Anyway I thought I would share this because even though it wasn’t what I had hoped for it was exactly what I would have wanted now knowing the way it was. We are so lucky and grateful for the delivery suite and I will always remember that.