‘The birth was incredible’

Isla’s birth story – by Beth

The birth was incredible and I had her at home. All of the midwives were impressed with the hypnobirthing! I didn’t feel any pain throughout the labor -just intensity. And I focused on the time between the contractions, like you taught us, and it was heavenly. Thank you for teaching me about that. Isla was born over 9 pounds and I did the whole thing without pain relief. I didn’t even use the TENS machine we purchased. There were no signs of distress throughout the labor but once she was born, it became really clear that she was struggling to breathe and had inhaled meconium so we were transferred to the hospital. I also hemorrhaged and lost quite a bit of blood so I was unable to have a natural third stage.

Isla was in intensive care for three days and then was able to be in my room for an additional three days. All of the doctors said there was nothing that could have been done to prevent what happened because everything happened during delivery and the outcomes would have been the same for both her and I if she had been born in the hospital. In fact the doctors in ICU told us they were really pleased she was born at home because despite being very physically distressed, she was extremely calm and relaxed. Also, she had no drugs in her system.

We plan on coming to the home birth group meeting and sharing our story. We both have wonderful memories and feelings about the birth and are so happy with the home birth.