‘It gave me the tools to address my fear and change my mindset’

Izea’s birth story – by Lowelle

I am delighted to say that our baby girl has now arrived! 🙂 Her name is Izea and she weighed 7.10. I was booked in for an induction but luckily she arrived before that!

I went into early labour from 1am last Friday and she arrived at 6am on the Sunday. I was pretty exhausted by the end! We had the majority of time at home and it was only the last hour that we had to go to hospital. From quite early on I was having 3 contractions in every 20-25 minutes but it took a while to progress. I had an initial freak out when the contractions started in the middle of the night and I took myself off into the spare room & listened to your tracks and calmed myself down. I am pleased to say that following that point I remained calm 🙂

The doula and midwife arrived on the Saturday evening and then by midnight, I was in the pool. Unai had created an amazing room downstairs with the pool and loads of candles and calm music and dim lighting 🙂 I was in the pool for a while and pushing for 2-3 hours (I had no idea of timing but was told this all afterwards!) and was becoming more and more exhausted. The midwife was amazing and really respected the birth preferences & hypnobirth. She was unsure why the baby was not coming out so she did an internal check and the baby made a poo. So although the heartbeat was still strong, with the poo and my increasing exhaustion she said we should call for an ambulance. I still remained calm thanks to all the techniques and having a doula here was amazing!!

We went to hospital and within a few minutes I was exactly where I had hoped I wouldn’t be in a brightly lit room with loads of people around me and my legs being put in stirrups and directive pushing but all credit to the midwife – the doctor wanted to intervene to get the baby out and the midwife said let her try a few more pushes naturally. With Unai, the doula, the midwife all willing me to get this baby out, I used every last bit of strength and she was born 20 minutes later naturally.

The hypnobirthing techniques that you taught us and coupled with the book, audio files and lots of practice this helped me enormously through my pregnancy and most importantly through my labour. The midwife couldn’t believe how calm I was! So a big thank you again!!! I really appreciate all the advice you provided post our course in Oxford. I had a fear of childbirth (not sure where it came from) before I even was pregnant so it was quite a journey. I am so pleased that a friend recommended hypnobirthing because it gave me the tools to address my fear and change my mindset. I was so relaxed during my pregnancy and that was because of the effort I invested in hypnobirthing. It really worked!