‘Even if things don’t go as expected it is still possible to have a positive experience’

Alfie’s birth story – by Claire

I just wanted to pass on our good news – the arrival of baby Alfie on the 6th January.

Well, the labour process was interesting and ended up being quite far removed from the natural birth I wanted but I felt so positive about the whole experience and that the right decisions were made at the right times. I remained in control, relaxed and calm throughout even when it became apparent the outcome was going to be different to what I had wanted and planned. We were able to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the staff at the JR and they were wonderful in complying with our wishes and ensuring all the other medical team also kept calm and didn’t rush anything.

In short I got to 8 cm dilated in the pool, just using the breathing techniques (and entonox), but after 6-7 hrs from onset of labour it was apparent there was a problem with it progressing. I then asked for an epidural as I couldn’t control the urge to push much longer, which was affecting the dilation of the cervix. I got to 9 cm assisted with drugs but then the final bit just wouldn’t happen! Labour had been approx 17 hrs by this point and we felt that every opportunity had been given for a natural birth but there was a reason he wasn’t coming! (He was looking the wrong way too).

I was then prepped for a C-Section and Alfie was delivered safely. He weighed 10lb 2ozs! His weight and position meant that he wouldn’t have come naturally, without dislocating his shoulders!

Unfortunately the epidural hadn’t really worked for the c-section and I started to haemorrhage, since I could feel them stitching/sorting me out, I then was put under GA and went for surgery. In all I lost nearly 2.5 litres of blood, so I am anaemic and still recovering but other than that we are both doing well.

I just wanted to share my story to say even if things don’t go as expected it is still possible to have a positive experience and sometimes medical intervention can be useful, necessary and carried out in a calm and controlled way! I wouldn’t have been able to keep such a positive outlook if I had not been to Mindful Mamma! So thank you for all we learnt on the day and the opportunity to use my new found skills to remain calm and relaxed throughout what could have been a very fraught time!